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The best way to trench. Hydro excavation is the most efficient and accurate way to dig narrow trenches to install pipelines, cables, and other underground utilities.

Cold weather doesn't stop us. With hydro excavation, you can still work in cold and freezing weather conditions. The water-based process digs trenches without the use of heavy excavating equipment and without affecting the surrounding area. Our trucks are capable of excavating even in the most extreme cold and freezing weather conditions.

Our hydro excavation trucks are the most advanced in the industry, and our team is second to none. Fuzion provides slot trenching services for municipalities and a wide range of industries—including construction, telecom, utilities, and oil & gas.

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  • Shallow or Deep Trenches
  • Narrow Trenches
  • Hard Clay or Soft Soils
  • Trenching Frozen Ground
  • Debris Removal
  • Less Backfill, Labor, and Restoration

Is a hydrovac truck right for your project?

Hydrovac trucks have high capacity holding tanks. They are perfect for large industrial cleaning jobs and can even be used for emergency situations like cleaning up an environmental spill.

To help you keep your operations profitable, we are available at any time during the bidding process. We are here to help you evaluate what adding a hydrovac will mean to the overall scope of your project.

Industries We Work For

  • Public Utilities
  • Brewing
  • Food and Beverage
  • Construction
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