Utility Daylighting

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The safest way to expose utilities. We use hydrovac trucks to quickly and safely remove dirt to locate and expose utility lines and pipes for visual confirmation.

The risk of injury is greatly reduced when using Fuzion's hydrovac trucks because the process is done without the use of hand digging. This is especially important when working in close proximity to high voltage or sensitive areas.

Damaging underground utilities can cost a lot of money in terms of downtime, lost productivity, and fines. It can also hurt your reputation. All of these risks can be avoided by hiring Fuzion to daylight utilities before construction starts.

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  • Test Holes
  • Debris Removal
  • Visual Confirmation
  • Backfill Holes
  • Safe and Non-Destructive
  • Cost Effective

Is a hydrovac truck right for your project?

Hydrovac trucks have high capacity holding tanks. They are perfect for large industrial cleaning jobs and can even be used for emergency situations like cleaning up an environmental spill.

To help you keep your operations profitable, we are available at any time during the bidding process. We are here to help you evaluate what adding a hydrovac will mean to the overall scope of your project.

Industries We Work For

  • Public Utilities
  • Brewing
  • Food and Beverage
  • Construction
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