Portable Toilet Rentals

Portable Toilet Rentals - Fuzion

We offer our customers complete peace of mind with our portable toilet rentals. We handle the delivery to and from all locations and service the units while they’re on property. The industry standard is 1 portable toilet serviced weekly for every 10 workers.

If you need portable toilets for an extended period of time, we can clean and restock the units weekly for an additional fee. Our excellent management of worksites and rapid responsiveness are key to keeping your property sanitary and employees healthy. With Fuzion, renting portable restrooms is quick and easy. You can order your units and have them scheduled for delivery within minutes.

  • Standard Units
  • ADA Accessible Units
  • Units with Lights
  • Pink Units (w/o urinals)

Get the Right Portable Restroom for Your Jobsite

There is no question that keeping portable toilets onsite will keep restroom breaks much shorter, making it easier to keep the job timeline on track. To ensure the safety of your crews at any time of day or night, you can get portable toilets with lights. You can even get units with lifts if you are working on tall buildings. If your jobsite is in a remote area, we can provide you with GPS-installed units to make service quicker and easier.

Industries We Work For

  • Construction
  • Municipalities
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Agriculture
  • Oil and Gas
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Emergency Response

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Portable Restrooms - Fuzion

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