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Trash Compactor Rentals - Fuzion

Industrial trash compactors offer the convenience of a dumpster with more storage space than a standard roll-off container. Compacting waste into tightly condensed loads in a locked self-contained unit ensures your waste remains secure until collection. When your compactor is full, we'll take care of pickup, disposal, and processing.

Compactors are configured to the unique operations of your specific business and perfect for managing large streams of standard solid waste. You may be wondering if a trash compactor is right for your business and what type of compactor system you should get. We are here to answer your questions.

  • Improve Workplace Safety
  • Increase Security
  • Reduce Waste Hauling Costs
  • Save Inside Storage Space
  • Odor Control
  • Liquid Retention

What does Fuzion provide?

  • Trash compactor based on your needs
  • Tri-volt power pack (voltage must be specified in advance)
  • Turn-key delivery and installation (less electrical wiring and connection)
  • Start-up and demonstration
  • Service plan on all parts and labor (except fuses and electrical)

What does the customer (end-user) need to provide?

  • Electrical service (3 phase, 60 HZ, 208/230/460 volt)
  • A fused disconnect mounted within 6 feet of the power pack
  • Final electrical connection made by a qualified electrician during the installation
  • Sufficient space for equipment to be operated and serviced safely
  • Electrical maintenance, voltage, and fuses
  • All applicable taxes and insurance coverage

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